New QRH Design… Coming soon to your cockpit!

Apr 26, 2017

In spring of 2017, we have started to introduce several improvements and design changes to the Quick Reference Handbook (QRH), which requires the reissue of the QRH volume 2.

These improvements, which have been successfully implemented on both the Global series and the Challenger 300 series, are now being introduced the Challenger 604, 605 and 650 in late-November 2018.

These changes, driven directly from customer comments, are the first results of The Checklist Initiative project. It involved consultations with pilots and industry experts, literature review, human factors research and validation testing, with the aim at improving the operational efficiency our manuals.

Some of the key improvements include:

  • The introduction of a Quick Reference Card (QRC) for Immediate Action Items,
  • New manual structure and nomenclature,
  • Changes to procedure indexing and organization,
  • Changes to procedure navigation flow,
  • And many more…

To help familiarize flight crews with these changes, an information and training package is available at:
Link to the FAQ document here

This will provide background and details on the new features and serve as a guide on how to use this re−designed QRH. We strongly recommend that operators and flight crews acknowledge these changes ahead of the release.

Please send feedback and comments regarding this re-designed QRH to: