Operational Suitability Data-Flight Crew Data (OSD-FCD)

OSD-FCD is the property of the manufacturer. OSD-FCD is generated as a result of an Operational Evaluation (OE). An OE establishes a type rating for a new aircraft or variant and determines:

  • Training, checking and currency levels;
  • Assesses the operational suitability of a new aircraft, variant or a new functionality on an aircraft;
  • Establishes training areas of special emphasis (TASE).

An operator's principal operations inspector (POI) must use the OSD-FCD as a benchmark to assess an operator’s or OEM’s training programs and confirm the operational suitability of an aircraft or an aircraft system. EASA requires all operators to include OSD-FCD data as part of the aircraft certification and to be provided in order to receive approval for training.